169. The Disappearance of Patti Adkins — Bad Love

Patti Adkins left her job on the Fourth of July weekend excited about a vacation with her boyfriend. But when workers returned to her job, she didn’t. And her boyfriend claimed they weren’t in a relationship at all. What happened to Patti Adkins?



Wooga June’s Journey

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3 thoughts on “169. The Disappearance of Patti Adkins — Bad Love

  1. At one point in the Patti Adkins podcast, Alice suggests, despite the fact that “one more” piece of evidence, indicting “Bob” and letting the jury decide whether he’s guilty. I’m wondering in general what Alice and Brett’s thoughts are about prosecuting cases when you’re not entirely convinced there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt of the defendant’s guilt. Are you comfortable with still trying to convince a jury and possibly getting a conviction you have doubts?


  2. A prosecutor should never usurp the role of a jury by not bringing forth a matter they personally have doubts about.

    Neither should they ‘role the dice’.

    The proper question is whether the evidence is capable of sustaining a safe conviction.

    The prosecution must be satisfied. Then a judge must be satisfied and then a jury.

    Defendants will always take a plea for slam dunk cases… so that leaves cases where the evidence needs to be tested.

    The adversarial process then hopefully presents both sides. And justice may be done.


  3. I think it is highly unethical to induce people to create evidence.

    These lawyers need to reassess their commitment to the rule of law.

    What they are saying is… this is a bad guy we just need one person to say something.

    This is how you get false testimony.

    This is how innocent people are convicted.

    People think they are doing the ‘right thing’ and will bend the truth or even outright lie to ‘get the bad guy’.

    Sometimes there is not enough evidence and that is unfortunate but not a reason to ask people to manufacture evidence.

    And finally, this really is an abuse of power. To defame someone when you play an active role in the judicial system is frankly appalling. And all to sell your Podcast?

    Pathetic and unethical.


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