170.The Trial of Ralph Stokes Part 1 of 4 — Still Doing Time

Ralph Stokes has been in prison for 41 years, convicted of murdering 3 people at Smoking Joe’s Restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Did he do it? Or was an innocent man convicted of a crime he didn’t commit?



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2 thoughts on “170.The Trial of Ralph Stokes Part 1 of 4 — Still Doing Time

  1. The remarkable thing about how legal system is just how well it works in terms of convicting the guilty.

    Less than a small fraction of 1% of convictions are unsafe.

    Yet true crime has degenerated into click bait crime.

    Was it a suicide? Yes.
    Was there a wrongful conviction? No. It’s called “reasonable” doubt for a reason.

    True crime podcasters have become voodoo victim hunters in search of magical injustice.

    If you can’t find a victim. Make one. And while you are at it blame someone else. Preferably a white male.


  2. It seems remarkable to me that this prosecutor, Roger King, who had many notable cases throughout his long career with the Philadelphia DA’s office, does not have a Wikipedia page.


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