92. Ben McDaniel — Octopus’s Garden

A diver enters an underwater cave and never returns. Did he drown in a tragic accident, or did something more sinister happen?

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An Enhancement of the Mystery Asha Degree Photo

Today on the podcast, we discussed a mysterious photograph, never identified, that was found in a shed where Asha Degree stopped after she left home in the middle of the night. Listener Leylha J notified us that a Reddit user, SnowflakeBaube22, created an enhanced version of the very blurry picture. Here is the link to the original Reddit discussion and here is the link to the enhanced photo if you want to give it some click love. And below are the two enhanced photos. Hopefully, someone will recognize themselves or their friend in this image.

58. The Disappearance of Asha Degree Part 1 — Shelter From the Storm

On a cold and stormy night in February 2000, a young girl left her home behind with nothing but a backpack. She was never seen again. What happened to Asha Degree? #truecrime #disappeared #missing



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Reddit Timeline Part 1 (courtesy of JTigerTail)

Reddit Timeline Part 2 (courtesy of JTigerTail)

Interactive map, created by JTigerTail

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44. Brandon Lawson Part 1 — Call Me Maybe

When Brandon Lawson disappeared in the Texas wilderness, it had all the makings of an intriguing mystery. But when his family listened to the 911 call he made that night, the mysterious became inexplicable. Just what was Brandon trying to tell the 911 operator, and what happened to him when the line suddenly went dead? #disappearance #unsolvedmystery #brandonlawson #truecrime

Case art: Hannah Hill (support her work on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/serious_moonlite/?hl=bn)


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33. The Ghost Ship Mary Celeste — Come Sail Away

This week we get our sea legs under us and investigate one of history’s greatest mysteries–what happened to the Mary Celeste?
#truecrime #ghostship #halloween

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