33. The Ghost Ship Mary Celeste — Come Sail Away

This week we get our sea legs under us and investigate one of history’s greatest mysteries–what happened to the Mary Celeste?
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30. The Disappearance of Amy Bechtel Part 1 — Run to the Hills

When Amy Bechtel left for her daily run through the beautiful Shoshone National Forest, no one could have imagined that she would never come home. Help us solve this perplexing mystery. 






Investigation Discovery Season 6, Episode 7

Unsolved Mysteries Season 10, Episode 4 (Amazon Prime)

Researching the Maura Murray Case

On our first episode about Maura Murray, we lamented the fact that there is so much disinformation and confusion out there that it is almost impossible to research her disappearance. But no more. Apparently some folks on Reddit felt the same way, and they put together this absolute treasure trove of information, including many first person accounts. So when we make mistakes, just blame it on the fact we didn’t have this resource. But now, you do.

The Trove

In addition, here are the official websites of the family and of James Renner.

The Family

James Renner