80. Diane Whipple — Who Let The Dogs Out

Alice and Brett return with the insane story of the death of Diane Whipple. A woman is mauled to death by two dogs, and the owners are charged with her death. But was it murder?


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Bonus Baby Video: Our April Get Vokl

Hey everyone! Brett is taking one more week before we get back to cases. Enjoy this Live Get Vokl where we talk Maura Murray, Delphi, and our plans for the future. Apologies for the audio. Get Vokl is a work in progress.

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Bonus Baby Video: Brett Discusses the Controversial French Horror Classic, Martyrs

Hey everyone! While Brett’s with Mrs. Brett having a baby, enjoy something different this week. Brett joins Jules from Riddle Me That and Robin from We Saw the Devil to discuss one of the most controversial horror movies of all time–Martyrs. And when Brett disappears in the middle, it wasn’t that he was finally at a loss for words. He had to flee to the basement of his house to avoid a tornado!

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78. The Evansdale Girls — Angels

Two girls go for a bike ride in a small town in Iowa. Five months later, their bodies are found by hunters in an isolated wilderness preserve. Who killed the Evansdale girls? And did they also commit the Delphi murders?