1. Welcome to The Prosecutors

Hello everyone. It’s Brett and Alice, and we are so glad to have you along this crazy ride with us. We’re going to be talking about some of the most famous cold cases of all time, bringing our experience as prosecutors to bear on our favorite mysteries. But before we do that, we wanted to introduce ourselves to all of you.

In this episode, we tell a little bit about ourselves, and we set out the rules we are going to do our best to stick to during our investigation. Here they are, our ten commandments of sorts.

  1. The simplest answer is the most likely to be correct.
  2. If there is no evidence of a crime, there probably wasn’t a crime.
  3. Usually, law enforcement can be trusted.
  4. Conspiracies are hard to pull off and even harder to keep secret.
  5. Do not mistake incompetence for malice.
  6. There will never be a theory that answers all the questions or addresses all the evidence.
  7. We never know all the facts.
  8. The most obvious suspect is usually the one who did it.
  9. People lie, but that doesn’t make them liars.
  10. BUT in extraordinary cases, expect the extraordinary. Cause what’s the point of rules if you can’t break them?

36. Hinterkaifeck Part 1 — Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

In this episode, we seek our horror across the sea. When six people were brutally murdered with an ax, the name of the place became a watchword for horror. What happened at Hinterkaifek? #truecrime #ax #murder #hinterkaifek


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The Man From the Train



34. The Amityville Horror Part 1 — Our House

A horrific murder becomes an unparalleled legend. We investigate the real Amityville Horror. #murder #haunting #possessed 


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First Person Killers

The Serial Killers: Ronald DeFeo

My Amityville Horror



33. The Ghost Ship Mary Celeste — Come Sail Away

This week we get our sea legs under us and investigate one of history’s greatest mysteries–what happened to the Mary Celeste?
#truecrime #ghostship #halloween

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October Comes

It’s the spookiest season of the year, and here at The Prosecutors Podcast, we are celebrating all month long! We’ve got ghost ships, ax murderers, haunted houses, and maybe even an exorcism. So join us for mysteries of the horrific and unexplained. And watch your back. You never know what lurks in the shadows!

32. Lois Riess — The Worm Has Turned

What drove a grandma and simple country worm farmer to murder? We dig deep to find out. #truecrime #murder #wormfarming

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30. The Disappearance of Amy Bechtel Part 1 — Run to the Hills

When Amy Bechtel left for her daily run through the beautiful Shoshone National Forest, no one could have imagined that she would never come home. Help us solve this perplexing mystery. 






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