121. JonBenét Ramsey Part 7

We look at the evidence of an intruder. Does it exist, and, if not, does that point to the family?


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6 thoughts on “121. JonBenét Ramsey Part 7

  1. Hi Alice and Brett. Love your podcast and especially love the deep-dive into the Jon Benet case. For those in the “parents did it,” camp, is there discussion that it is unlikely an intruder would choose Christmas night to enter a home, given that that is one night when parents of small kids are almost always awake “being Santa” and putting out gifts? Thanks so much!


  2. Love your show! I was just listening to your latest JonBenet episode and was curious so I googled beaver fur/Santa costumes and it does seem a lot of Santa costumes are made with beaver fur 🤷‍♀️


  3. Once again another amazing podcast episode by Brett and Alice. You guys are absolutely outstanding. Big hugs and love from Ireland 💚


  4. Hello – I have a theory about who killed JB that I haven’t heard before. I think it may have been a female who knew Patsy, ran in the same circles, was educated and knew the layout of the house, the broken window in the basement, and where the notepad and Patsy’s art supplies were kept (less likely a man would know this) took the notepad and paintbrush while in the house visiting and while Patsy was distracted, slipped both into their purse. Wrote the note at home, made the garrotte at home, brought both back on the night of murder. I believe whomever it was hated Patsy and tried to make it look like it was Patsy who did it and tried to cover it up (suitcase under window, red hearing). What better way to hurt Patsy than kill the daughter she loved with all her heart, in her own home, during Christmas? This took A LOT of thought. Devious and psychopathic for sure.
    Love your podcast!


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