121. JonBenét Ramsey Part 8

We look at the grand jury investigation and the DNA in this case.


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7 thoughts on “121. JonBenét Ramsey Part 8

  1. 6 minutes in and Steve Thomas is described as a “good cop”. I think GOOD COPS would argue with that. Thomas tells the reader who he is in his own book – – he is a bully who is willing to bend, erm, break rules if he thinks it is right to do so. He doesn’t need to KNOW he is right, he goes by gut feeling and once he has a theory, he will fight tooth and nail to protect his story. He believed Patsy did it and was SO ready to see her hang for this horrible crime. He was also, by his own admission, angry at others who wanted to follow intruder evidence. He didn’t want any IDI evidence to mess up the files in the War Room. That does not make a good cop.

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  2. 7 minutes in and Thomas is saying they have probable cause to make an arrest – – but we KNOW they had identified the foreign DNA found mixed with JonBenet’s blood in her panties, we know HE KNEW it didn’t belong to a Ramsey and that is one HUGE reason there was no arrest.

    The police had actually STOPPED talking to the neighbors and other witnesses because they didn’t want any IDI evidence in the records. DA Alex Hunter knew all that and there was no way HE was going to arrest people knowing there was no way he could get a conviction.

    Thomas’ best evidence against the parents was the testimony of Don Foster – – and Foster was discredited. Thomas has that in his book!

    Thomas misinformed the media about evidence and did all he could to get the general public to put blinders on. His actions were despicable and I hope this podcast makes that clear before they end.


  3. 10 mnutes – I agree with Alice – – when a suspect can be removed from a suspect list for good reason, that is a job well done.


  4. What about the 2 (then teenaged) boys that were watching movies across the street and were paying attention to the comings and goings of the Ramseys? Could they have been involved?


  5. I love your podcast I starting at the beginning since I’m a truck driver so I eat ( take in a lot of podcasts). I don’t know if you all know about the Murdough murders I would love to hear what you have to say about the jail house records since you all are lawyers


  6. On the DNA.. did the Ramseys have a housekeeper? Folding laundry and putting it away would do it. Also a nanny or friend, family, babysitter getting her dressed/undressed or handing her the clothes. Were they bought by someone else and given to her? As a gift, or did they have an assistant or someone running errands for them?

    It’s possible the long johns were worn on a previous day and mistaken as clean (my kid either picks them off the floor or stuffs dirty clothes in the dresser). Was she in those clothes before she left the party? Did someone change her at that party? Those are just some far reaching thoughts.

    Thanks Alice for confirming for the world that women do in fact wear the same outfits two days in a row. Especially if you’re tired, possibly hung over, and getting ready to fly straight to another party where no one saw you. Remember, no social media back then. The wealthy are sometimes just like you and me!


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