120. JonBenét Ramsey Part 6

We continue our look at the evidence in the JonBenét Ramsey case, including the 911 call.

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4 thoughts on “120. JonBenét Ramsey Part 6

  1. Great podcast. Enjoy your thoughtful analysis. Question: Why would someone leave that note? What purpose did it serve beyond attempting to divert the search for the victim away from the home where the body actually was? The writer clearly did not expect to actually collect ransom, so why take the time to write it?


  2. If I were travelling the next day I may wear the same clothes as the previous day to save on room in my packing. Will have all clean clothes in the suit case. Seems practical to me Flying in a private plane so no one is not going to notice


  3. How come the Ramseys aren’t concerned that they did everything they were warned NOT TO DO? Being told not to involve the authorities is generally part of all ransom requests. If they didn’t read the whole note in the beginning, they sure did later. Why weren’t they really terrified that they just caused her execution?


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