115. JonBenét Ramsey Part 1 of ? — Cold Blows the Wind

It’s perhaps the most famous case in American true crime. Who murdered JonBenét Ramsey?
Court Junkie
Progressive Insurance
PDS Debt

The Ransom Note

Autopsy Photos (graphic; viewer discretion advised)

Skull fracture

Ligature 1

Ligature 2


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3 thoughts on “115. JonBenét Ramsey Part 1 of ? — Cold Blows the Wind

  1. I have heard so many people, both lay people and professionals, bring up the point about JonBenet telling her friend or her friend’s mother about a secret visit from Santa or another visit from Santa after Christmas day. They want to use this to show that some creepy guy was planning to meet JonBenet secretly. To me, the simplest and very reasonable explanation about this is that her parents told her that Santa was going to visit her later that week when they went to Michigan for another family Christmas gathering. This is such a simple answer and just seems reasonable that they would want her to be excited about going to Michigan to see her step siblings. I have followed the case closely, researched, read books & articles and it seems obvious that it was someone in the family. It may have been an accident & covered up, but there was no intruder! Just the ransom note itself is something that cannot be explained away. I wish that Fleet White & his wife would tell what they know, because I believe they know something, or at least strongly suspect something.


  2. Extremely well done series. I suggest everyone reads Paula Woodward’s book Unsolved: The JonBenet Ramsey case 25 Yrs Later. So much of what we were told is false, entirely false.

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