151. The Death of Ellen Greenberg Follow Up

We had so many questions we decided to do a follow up. What did Sam say in the email he wrote Ellen? Was Sam actually wearing boots? What was the position of Ellen’s body anyway? We address these questions and more.


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4 thoughts on “151. The Death of Ellen Greenberg Follow Up

  1. This case really is baffling. I hope further investigation yields more clarity. I guess at this point I’m leaning towards Brett being right that they had a big fight that evening. So Sam storms off to the gym and Ellen decides to end her life. And because she’s very angry at Sam, she chooses stabbing and intentionally stabs herself with both hands and in the back of her head essentially hoping that it will appear like murder and Sam will wind up being the prime suspect. And another reason she might try to make her suicide look like a murder is because she wouldn’t want her family to know that she committed suicide. And it makes sense that she would put on the swing lock in case Sam were to return too soon.


  2. After listening to the different theories, I have a theory of my own. I think I might have a possible reason for all the stab wounds on her neck. So an intruder/stalker (not Sam) entered while she was working on the fruit, snuck up behind her and put her in a chokehold. She struggled to get a knife, knocking over the block because the intruder was trying to subdue her with the hold while covering her mouth. She got the knife and tried repeatedly to stab them by reaching back but they were leaning into her to tighten their hold. Because of the angle, she kept cutting herself instead and because of her fear and adrenaline, she didn’t realize that she was only injuring herself. Eventually the intruder managed to get the knife and stabbed her head/spine, rendering her paralyzed where she couldn’t fight back. They lowered her to the floor and stabbed her in the heart because they finally realized that she didn’t love them like they imagined she did. Realizing the gravity of what they had done, they grabbed a soft towel from the bathroom so they could let her die comfortably but since she was already dead, she didn’t bleed on the towel. They then ran out of the apartment in despair and slammed the door behind them, causing the bar to accidentally slip, locking the door.


  3. I just listened and I totally agree with what Brett said about feeling unsure about what really happened here. It seems pretty unlikely Ellen could have inflicted those wounds on herself. However I remember in nursing school being taught that the majority of people who complete suicide are in a state of psychosis at the time of the act and that the majority of people who complete suicide are also not known to have a psychotic disorder diagnosis.
    The implication I took was that there are a lot of people suffering from depression and anxiety that may be experiencing something completely different on the day they die. I tried to google this to see if I was remembering correctly and there was a lot to related medical data focusing on psychosis and suicide but I couldn’t find anything that confirmed or denied those precise things. Also I believe it was stated that Ellen had recently started an SSRI and an increased risk for suicide is a known phenomenon for individuals after starting that class of drugs.


  4. How is this difficult?

    1. The victim was stabbed in the back of the neck and then her chest.

    2. This was either the most improbable suicide or a simple murder.

    3. If it was a stabbing by a third party… only one person could have done it.

    What is the one lie that if ignored makes this easy? The door.

    Is that lie self serving? Yes.

    There is no doubt here. None.


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