47. The Murders of Mary Morris — Double Vision

Two women, both named Mary Morris, both living in Houston, both murdered within days of each other. Coincidence? Or something more sinister? Join us as we get to the bottom of this incredible mystery. 
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Case art: Hannah Hill (support her work on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/serious_moonlite/?hl=bn)





Unsolved Mysteries Season 11 Episode 3 Robert Stack

Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 Episode 18 Dennis Farina

Murder in My Family: Mary Morris

21. Rey Rivera Part 3

We conclude our investigation into the death of Rey Rivera. Was it suicide? Was it murder? Or was there something deeper and more insidious at work?


And then there’s the email we received from the representatives of Porter Stansberry. We discuss the bombshells revealed in that email in this episode. Below are the documents we received from Stansberry Research.

19. The Death of Rey Rivera Part 1 — Free Fallin’

When Rey Rivera was found dead in an abandoned room in the Belvedere Hotel, underneath a hole in the ceiling, the police called it a suicide. But where they right? Or was something more sinister at work?


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An Unexplained Death: The True Story of a Body at the Belvedere by Mikita Brottman


From Reddit: Zestyclose_Run850’s transcription of the “suicide” letter