One thought on “123. JonBenét Ramsey Part 9

  1. …and we made it to the end! I, for one am happy (not really the right word, I wish we never had to talk about a child murder😞) for lack of a better word that you guys dont think its the family!
    Im 49 so I remember when this happened & all the tabloid media just skewering the parents mostly, but also the brother but I never got in to it. Never read any more than headlines….
    Then I watched an interview a couple of years ago with John Ramsey/the dad & Patsy had already passed away & he just didnt come off as a killer or someone who’d cover up an accident in such a brutal & insane manner!?
    •I also think it was an intruder, but not a stranger! Definitely someone who knew the family. I dont know if it was someone they we’re friends with or maybe a former employee of Johns or the family/household?
    •Side note, I mistakenly got on reddit to see why people accused Burke (other than him being awkward) & OMG!! People were saying he had a history of abusing JonBenet… they of course bring up golf club but they also said stuff about him pooping in her bed & like constantly hitting her etc… I dont know where they got all that ‘info’??
    •AS ALWAYS I LOVE YOU GUYS! I wish I could do CrimeCon SO BADLY -maybe if its in New Orleans next time. But Im only going if you 2 are there! MY FAVORITE PODCAST 💙
    Keep up the great work & thank you for doing this with families & a job thats extremely time consuming!


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