4 thoughts on “116. JonBenét Ramsey Part 3

  1. I’m loving listening to you 2 break this case down AND CANT WAIT TO HEAR YOUR THEORIES!
    This is by far my favorite podcast! Keep up the fabulous work!
    Also, I love ‘chatter’ the longer the podcast the better! So many are over so quick -I love irrelevant banter, little peeks in to your lives, side stories-anything!


  2. My dad is a pathologist and you said you wanted to ask a pathologist about how Jonbenet’s injuries. Dad trained at Yale and Harvard in anatomic pathology. I’d be more than happy to connect you to him. I tried to find your email but unable to.


  3. I also enjoy the banter between the two of you. I’ll be honest here, other podcasts no, I don’t enjoy. You two make it real, down to earth, real life and life is often quite funny.

    Jon Benet. I don’t think her parents would have done that to her… too barbaric, too sadistic. A very sick person did it. The brother? He wasn’t sophistocated enough – no way.

    The open window into the basement looked small to me. Just how big a person could fit through it? In my opinion, not a very big one.

    I already know I’ll be relistening to this one.

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