21. Rey Rivera Part 3

We conclude our investigation into the death of Rey Rivera. Was it suicide? Was it murder? Or was there something deeper and more insidious at work?


And then there’s the email we received from the representatives of Porter Stansberry. We discuss the bombshells revealed in that email in this episode. Below are the documents we received from Stansberry Research.

11 thoughts on “21. Rey Rivera Part 3

  1. Did you know an unknown person contacted BPD to ask about picking up Rey’s computer from evidence?

    One of the executive producers has mentioned this on a few podcasts


    1. What time was sunset that day? In late spring, l’m guessing there’s a few hours between when he left home and the 10pm “crash” heard by the Belvedere resident. Where was he during that time, and how did he erase all the surveillance footage from that day at the Belvedere?

      Also, the resident claims the loud crash shook the windows and rattled the glass, right? Might not that be more consistent with infrasound from a chopper passing high above, than flesh and bone going through a relatively weak roof (which apparently didn’t even damage his cellphone)?


      1. There’s no helicopter. Everyone would heard and probably seen it and dropping a body in the city is just a weird thing to do. The footage wasn’t erased. It’s just not there, and no reason to erase it anyway if there’s a helicopter. And only Rey can say what he was doing during that time, if Brottmans even right about the timing.


      2. Not to labor the point, but if it was dark and the chopper came from the other direction (i,e. over the building at safe clearance height) then residents on the car-park side would not hear much, but they would feel the infrasound of the chopper as it moved away at speed. I have choppers pass overhead here often, and the sound is mainly noticeable as they approach.

        Also, it’s not a “weird thing to do” – it’s actually a smart thing if you want it to look like he jumped from a building in close proximity to where the car was parked. And as for the ‘missing’ video, perhaps that protected whoever entered the building to toss the phone and glasses out onto the lower roof, in the vicinity of the hole?

        The suicide theory just doesn’t ring true. There’s something else yet to be discovered.


  2. The fact sheet indicates there are 7 exhibits, where are those? Specifically exhibit 5 where the author suggests it indicates the last call Rey received.


    1. The exhibits are mostly linked to this page. Exhibit 5 is a newspaper article with the caption Man Missing Since Last Week Found Dead
      by Richard Sher.

      This line was highlighted: “There was a call received from the Fells Point area of Baltimore just before Rivera left his home,” Colonel Fred Bealefeld tells WJZ Eyewitness News.


      1. Thanks, as he claimed to have a copy of Rey’s cell records on May 21, 2006, it seems odd to me that he did not refer to them directly.


  3. I know you may not read this as this is an episode from a while ago, but I’ll write it anyway. I usually love your stuff but your conclusion makes no sense… seems like you jumped to the conclusion. 1. Even if Porter is eliminated as a suspect, that doesn’t resolve the peculiar evidence of the scene. 2. Brett—what made you so quick to deem Porter’s statements as factual? 3. Rey was a filmmaker and filmmakers investigate the sunrise/sunset for shooting scenes—Rey may have been getting more film shots… didn’t he rent a studio to put his project together? Why the quick jump to suicide? Seems like you had that in mind and much of what you shared was interpreted through that perspective. 4. Did you read the autopsy? His neck wasn’t broken, arms weren’t damaged, and one of his legs wasn’t broken (had no damage), only one leg was broken. Seems to me that if someone jumps from such a height then they would damage those areas (as other such deaths have proved)—especially if they went feet first as many assume because of the roof hole’s size. 5. When police were in that roof (with the hole) they were worried about falling through. Apparently, it didn’t take much to damage that roof……

    PS—I really do love your content snd am cheering you all on, but again, I just really believe you need to revisit your conclusion.


  4. Hi,
    I dont know whether you will see this comment as I’m catching up on old episodes.. Just thought I would share some expertise from Australia, we are all professionals at running in thongs (or flip flops as you call them) and I can 100% confirm they bust out from between the toes all the time, so often that everyone in Australia knows the breadclip trick.. I can’t add a photo to this comment so just google “breadclip thong” if you want to see. It was funny to hear you debate whether this was possible 😂
    Love your podcast! Hi from Australia ❤️


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