148. The Death of Ellen Greenberg Part 3

We continue our look at the Ellen Greenberg case and spend some time with one of the strangest 911 calls you’ll ever hear.

Listen to the 911 call here.

Rough Transcript of the 911 Call:

Sam: Help I need a,  I just, I just walked to my apartment. My fiance’s on the floor with blood everywhere. 

911: What is the address? 

Sam: 4601 flat rock road, please come help now. 

911: Is this a house or apartment? 

Sam: Oh, no, Oh no, it’s an apartment. 

911: What apartments number please? 

Sam: Hurry please.

911: Where is she bleeding from?

Sam: I don’t know. I can’t tell she’s no. 

911: Sir, you have to calm yourself down in order to get you some help. 

Sam: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. She, I don’t know. I’m looking at her right now. She, I don’t, I can’t see anything. She doesn’t, there’s nothing broken. She’s bleed, Ellie. 

911: You don’t know where she’s bleeding from?

Sam: Ellie it’s, I think her head, I think she hit her head, I think, but there’s blood everywhere. It’s everywhere. 

911: Do you think she might have fallen? Do you know what happened? 

Sam: She, she, she may have slipped there’s blood on the, on the table. Her, her face is a little purple. 

911: Okay. Hold on for rescue for her, stay on the phone. {Another call comes in:} Philadelphia fire department. 8 42. What’s the address? 

Sam: 4601 flat rock road, please hurry. 4601 flat rock. 

911: Yes, what’s wrong? 

Sam: My, my, I just, my, I went downstairs, go work out. I came back up the door was latched. My fiance’s inside she wasn’t she wasn’t answering. So after about a half hour, I decided to break it down. I see her now just on the floor with blood, like she’s, she’s not responding. 

911: Okay. Is she breathing? 

Sam: She, I 

911: Look at her chest. I need you to calm down and I need you to look at her chest. It’s really

Sam: I don’t think she, I really don’t think she is

911 Listen. Listen to me. Someone’s on the way. Look at her chest. Is she flat on her back?

Sam: She’s on her back. do I bring her, 

911: Look at her chest and tell me if it’s going up and down, up and down. 

Sam: I don’t see her moving. 

911: Okay. Do you know how to do CPR? 

Sam: I don’t. 

911: Okay. I can tell you what to do. Okay. Until they get there. I want you to keep her. 

Sam: Oh God. 

911: Hello.

Sam: Yeah. Hi. Okay. 

911: Are you willing to do CPR with me over the phone until they can 

Sam: I, I have to, right?

911: Okay. So get her flat on her back. Bear her chest. Okay. You wanna rip her shirt off? 

Sam: Ah shit

911: Okay. Feel down by her side. 

Sam: Oh my God. Ellie, please

911: listen. Listen, you can’t freak out, sir. Cause you 

Sam: Okay. I’m trying not to. Her shirt won’t come off. It’s a zipper. Oh my God. She stabbed herself 

911: Where 

Sam: She fell on a knife. Oh no, there’s a knife sticking out. There’s a knife sticking out of her heart. 

911: Oh, she stabbed herself?

Sam: I guess, I guess so. I don’t know, or she fell on it. I don’t know. 

911: Okay. Well don’t touch it. 

Sam: Okay. So I’m just, just let her down here now. I mean, what do I do? 

911: No, I mean, you can’t, if the knife’s in her chest, it’s going to be kind of hard for you to do CPR at this time.

Sam: Oh no. Oh my goodness. Okay. 

911: Police. Which operator 2 77. 

Sam: Is someone coming here? 

911: Yes, they are. You said 4601 flat rock, right? 

Sam: Yes. 

911: Okay. Someone’s on the way. And the knife is still inside. 

Sam: Wait, what? 

911: The knife is still inside of her? 

Sam: Yes. I didn’t take it out. (laughing)

911: Was it a chest or what area did it in her chest? 

Sam: It’s like, it looks like it’s right. It looks like it’s right in her heart. 

911: Okay. Someone’s on the way out there. Okay. Just get your

Sam: Oh my God. Oh my God. 

911: How old is she?

Sam: She’s 27

911: 27. And there’s no sign of life at all. 

Sam: No, no, no! Please don’t be! What?

911: Pinch under her arm and tell me if she responds to pain. 

Sam: She’s Ellie she’s not, it’s not her arm and her hands are still warm. I don’t know if that means, but his blood every, I mean, 

911: I know, but you can’t and the knife is still inside of her. How far can you see how far it went? 

Sam: It looks pretty deep. It looks three, it’s a long knife. 

911: Don’t touch anything. Yeah. Don’t touch anything. 

Sam: Okay. I’m not touching anything. This is, I can’t believe this ugh

911: So wait, it was just you there with her?

Sam: We, yeah, we’re the only ones here. 

911: And she ran in the door and latched it shut? 

Sam: No, no. I, I, I went downstairs to work out and I, when I came back up, the door was latched. Oh, like it was, you know, it wasn’t like it, you know, it  was like locked from the inside and I’m yelling. 

911: Was the house broken into? 

Sam: No, no, no, no, no. 

911: So there’s no sign of a breakin. 

Sam: No, no sign of a breakin at all. I mean, there will be when you get here. Cause I had a break, the latch, but to get in 

911: okay. 4601 flat rock. And this is a house, right? 

Sam: It’s an apartment.

911: Okay.

Sam: Oh my God. Oh my God. All right. Thank you. Okay. Bye.


One thought on “148. The Death of Ellen Greenberg Part 3

  1. Did Ellen or Sam get tested for anything under their fingernails? One of them had to peel the orange and that usually leaves some residue. If Sam had some orange peel under his fingernails – that would mean he was in the kitchen and likely murdered her.


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