47. The Murders of Mary Morris — Double Vision

Two women, both named Mary Morris, both living in Houston, both murdered within days of each other. Coincidence? Or something more sinister? Join us as we get to the bottom of this incredible mystery. 
#marymorris #truecrime #murder

Case art: Hannah Hill (support her work on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/serious_moonlite/?hl=bn)





Unsolved Mysteries Season 11 Episode 3 Robert Stack

Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 Episode 18 Dennis Farina

Murder in My Family: Mary Morris


3 thoughts on “47. The Murders of Mary Morris — Double Vision

  1. Mary Morris re: Cell Phone Records circa 1999. In Serial, a podcast, “Adman Sa-id Case”, extensive research into Cell phone records on the day of the crime were re- evaluated in post conviction review. Their research showed that in 1999, the Provider Contracts allowed that a bill would be generated for a call that exceeded 30-60 seconds (which did not connect). For example, a “butt call” or long ring period would show up on the bill without an actual connected call. In the above cited case it was critical to determine WHO had possession of the phone during the crime commission window and, WHY, would the friend holding the phone call someone he didn’t know. The cell billing record showed a 2.3 minutes call-which the bill identifies as X recipient denied ever receiving. I didn’t see the end of your Mary part one, but I know the husband of Mary 2 stated he had let the phone ring for 4 or more minutes but never spoke with her. A fact which is easily demonstrated by the above example.


    1. Mary Lou Morris did not work in Baytown, I worked with her she worked on Corbindale in Hedwig Village off I-10 between Voss and Gessner on the other side of Downtown Houston


  2. The DAs: thank you all for cuttin’ through a slough of weeds. Sure enough that took some work.
    I’ll be short here with my critique, forgive me.

    Basically, the 1st murder: The accelerant was horse manure? Woah. [no pun intended]
    Any way to get to an estimation of the downright truth [i.e. police reports, coroner report] on what went down? “Open Case”, didn’t think so. So, it’s all speculation. {sigh}
    Thank you for referencing Morf [Mike Morford, The Murder in My Family], Morf’s interview with Mary Morris’ daughter is stellar.
    The 2nd murder: The (who thought he was cheated on) husband is the only one with several questionable stories. Including the “she needed a gun”…. Yep. Thanks for clearing up the male co-worker vs female friend stories. The idea the 2nd Mary Morris committed suicide? Nope. Her transgressions, if proven, would be a pain but not career ending.
    So, I add nothing. LE likely got it right with the 2nd Mary Morris’ homicide, wish they’d turn a bright light on the 1st.
    The Both of You help.
    {oh, I also like your intro/exit song and the yapping}
    All the best to you all.


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