145. The Disappearance of David Lewis — Boulevard of Broken Dreams

David Lewis made a couple sandwiches, set his VCR to record the Super Bowl, and then vanished into thin air. A discovery more than a decade later would answer some questions, and yet it also raised so many more. What happened to David Lewis?



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3 thoughts on “145. The Disappearance of David Lewis — Boulevard of Broken Dreams

  1. Regarding the airline tickets/ID discussion: the world was truly a different place back then and ID was just not as important. I found this comment on the website viewfromthewing.com the commenter is GUWonder, like here, comment below:

    In the early 1990s there was an active market in reselling partially used tickets’ flight coupons for domestic US travel. Sometimes these were for just the return portion of the journey; sometimes they were for legs beyond or even before a stopover; and sometimes they were part of mileage tickets. USA Today had ads for such things very frequently in the 1990s. The ticket brokers in the 1990s would just try to make sure to match male passengers with a male-indicating ticket name and female passengers with a female-indicating ticket name.

    This continued throughout the Clinton-Gore years, even after TWA 800.


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