3 thoughts on “166. 2022 Year in Review

  1. Hi Brett and Alice
    I am new to your podcast and loving it. Going back through the archives, I listened to the Derek Chauvin trial and you did an excellent job covering that
    Please tell me that you will cover the Murdaugh murders ( that seems to be the true crime story that just keeps on giving). I just can’t wrap my head around that one. It’s quite a jump from embezzlement to murdering your own family
    Keep up the good work


  2. I have had a theory on the Jon Benet case that I have never heard mentioned.

    If the Ramseys had a cordless phone, someone in the neighborhood may have been listening to them. A friend and I used to do that and we knew ALL about the families in our neighborhood. This would explain how personal family information was included in the ransom note.

    My friend even sent some of them letters and cards to mess with them. We recorded the calls and made tapes of the highlights we heard.

    He actually overheard a woman and her boyfriend arrange for her ex husband to be murdered. The boyfriend hired some mafia guys from Chicago to come down and kill him. My friend sent a tape to the ex husband and he took it to the police. The police questioning them put a stop to the murder.

    With a police scanner, you could hear them within 1/4 mile easily and within 1/2 mile or more if you had a good antenna on your scanner.

    They all went digital so we could no longer hear them, but that was well after the Jon Benet murder.


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