167. The Death of Katie Autry Part 1 of 2 — College Days

When a college student was raped and murdered, police arrested a suspect who pleaded guilty. But did he act alone? Or did someone get away with murder?



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One thought on “167. The Death of Katie Autry Part 1 of 2 — College Days

  1. Just found your podcast…love it! I appreciate your fact-based approach, your prosecutorial perspective, the music (it rocks!) and your fun banter. And…thank you for the compassionate, balanced and respectful approach in your description of Katie. All too often victims are blamed for the horrendous crimes committed against them, or are treated as ‘less than’ because of their race, gender, or circumstance. No one deserves or “asks for” rape, torture, murder or any violent crime committed against them. I applaud you for reminding your listeners how personal judgment can impede an investigation. And yes, with Katie’s tenacity and determination, there is no doubt that she was robbed of a full and productive life. She deserved an investigation that focused on the evidence, without the cloud and impedance of moral judgement.


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