159. The Death of Tamla Horsford Part 2

We conclude our look at the death of Tamla Horsford and present our theories.


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2 thoughts on “159. The Death of Tamla Horsford Part 2

  1. I agree with your theory about Tamla.
    My idea before hearing Brett’s theory was that she went down the outside stairs earlier in the evening and stumbled over the stones and the border garden, getting the wounds on her legs then. But that idea didn’t explain her multiple head wounds.
    Brett’s theory sounds right since it accounts for all her wounds.
    Such a sad, sad event. Six children and her husband left alone. It’s awful.
    Thanks for your hard work on this podcast! You’re both so level headed and knowledgeable and humble. I was married to a lawyer and really appreciate ( even though the details sometimes get boring) how you pay attention to all the various aspects and details (!) that affect the cases you tell us about. …….. Please spend time with your spouses, though! Your marriages are ( in the long run) far more important than your day jobs and your podcasts. Please, please take time to give to your spouses. … I’m sure you’ve heard the statement: “No one on their deathbed ever wished they’d spent more time at their job, (or even their play-work, work-play, uh, working-play?…podcasts, get it? … ).
    Seriously though, you guys’ marriages may be getting close to being on the rocks. Money doesn’t matter, you both know that.
    Children are always-always forever scarred by divorce. You two probably know that, too.
    I’d be overjoyed to have just one podcast a month each of your two different podcasts if I knew you’d stopped to smell the roses with your kids and reconnected with your wife(Brett) & hubby(Alice).

    And yes, I’m being nosy and bossy and awful! Call me tons of names and write me back using all the cuss words you can find in the (what do they call it?) the exhaustive British unabridged dictionary (you know the one: it comes in four 6” thick volumes…or it used to). (don’t use ‘bloody’ tho, (just all the others-maybe I’ll learn some new ones?) that one has to do with Jesus’ blood. It sounds fun-until you find that out)…
    Sincerely & stubbornly seriously,
    Julia Donaldson


  2. I agree with your analysis except for the THC. Trace THC would imply no marijuana smoking within the last 12-24 hours. THC level peak in a few hours after smoking and the levels would have been higher than trace.


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