135. The Disappearance of Daniel Robinson Part 2

We conclude our investigation into the disappearance of Daniel Robinson.


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2 thoughts on “135. The Disappearance of Daniel Robinson Part 2

  1. This case really hurt my soul on multiple levels, first I have a son around the same age, second I am in AZ and I am very acquainted with the desert terrain. My heart breaks for the family as I cannot imagine not having any answers for this long. I have shared the story on social media multiple times.

    I know that some people think there is foul play but I really dont think there was. I know he had education in geology but unless you grew up here, or spent a significant amount of time here, you cannot fully understand what the desert can be like. Its much different in person than it is in theory. When I heard on the podcast that there were 46 attempts to turn over the transmission I immediately thought he must have been desperate to get out of there because he didn’t want to go on foot. If he were being chased/stalked by someone he would not have tried that many times. Conversely, if someone had done something nefarious they wouldn’t stick around the scene to try to get the vehicle started that many times. I truly think he’d been stuck there for a while and was hoping that despite it seeming unlikely, maybe if you try just one more time, it will turn over and someone how get out of there. You think like that when you are hot and scared and you get desperate, because what else can you do? Regarding this claim that the police suggested maybe he left on his on accord? I truly doubt that was every a primary theory, they most likely were grasping at straws and laying out on the table all of the possible theories, no matter how unlikely they were. Sadly, I think the biggest mistake made in this case was making it about race. There is nothing to suggest the police demonstrated any racist behavior and I think they would have responded the same way no matter what race the missing person was. Daniel was well loved by the community and there has been a huge local response to search for him. I think making accusations that it was race related police neglect in the investigation intimidated some people into not getting involved because of the climate of the last couple of years. Daniel clearly loved Arizona and knew it was not a racist place to live otherwise he wouldn’t have been encouraging his whole family to live here. I personally know people who have gone missing in the desert and unfortunately, the outcome was they were found dead. I do believe they will find Daniel but I’m afraid the outcome will be the same. I just hope for the families sake they can find him so they can have some kind of closure. Unfortunately, its hard to find a person in the desert, which is why remains are sometimes not found for decades. I sincerely hope I am wrong.


  2. The $3.83 gas price stuck out to me since it’s such an arbitrary price not only because it’s such a small amount of gas, but he didn’t round it up to let’s say $4.00. I did a quick search and 383 is biblically significant as the angel number meaning “if you’ve been struggling, then seeing this number means things will change for the better soon.” Since he was talking religion that week thought that was interesting. I hope his family gets some answers soon!


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