42. The Delphi Murders Part 3

We continue our investigation into the murders at Delphi. #truecrime #delphi #murder #findhim

One thought on “42. The Delphi Murders Part 3

  1. Hi Brett and Alice,

    Really love your podcast – so interesting. I enjoy how you weigh up different options to assess what might have happened (I work in criminal justice so it’s an approach I can relate to).
    This case has become my new obsession and there is one thing I cant get out of my mind…is it possible that bridge guy prepared the crime scene? On the podcast down the hill one of the investigators says they understand the beginning and the end but not the middle ( the interaction, first contact). It might explain how he would have been able to leave signatures given the short time scale. And as horrible as it sounds, perhaps that’s what they referred to when describing the look on the girl’s face. Like you guys said, there could be a significant chance he was there previously, and perhaps even revisited.
    This is a devastating crime and listening to their families, the community and investigators breaks my heart. I think there will be a good reason that they are holding back information- early on the investigator addressed the perpetrator directly saying ‘you want to know what we know. One day you will’. Sounds that they might be trying to tease him out, make mistakes or give himself away by making too many enquiries?
    My brain is frazzled, my heart goes out to everyone who knew them.


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