43. The Delphi Murders Part 4

We conclude our investigation into the murders at Delphi. Who killed Abigail J. “Abby” Williams and Liberty Rose Lynn “Libby” German? Somebody out there has the answers. You can solve the case. These girls deserve justice. #delphi #murder #findhim

4 thoughts on “43. The Delphi Murders Part 4

  1. This is a case that I haven’t followed as closely as Maura, because it’s so fresh and therefore feels more difficult to objectively dissect. However, I think this is good example of how negative evidence can be helpful. For example, this man didn’t choose to wear a backpack to carry weapons. He instead either had something under his coat or he carried a knife/gun on his hip. Is it normal for people to wear weapons…like in Alaska it’s normal to have a knife on your belt. He could also have strangled with no weapon. In any case, there is a clear choice to not carry a backpack/bag. This could signal that he wanted to look less suspicious or it could show that this was not premeditated. Also, this man is not wearing sweatpants, cameo or attire that would be optimal for running after someone or hiding after attacking someone. He is in baggy jeans and an unseasonably bulky jacket that weapons could easily fall out of. This would show (to me any way) that he didn’t plan on running after anyone. Third piece of negative evidence is lack of a clear escape route. He is not within feet of a car or safe spot to abduct TWO people. He either had an elaborate plan or no plan at all in my opinion.

    Other points of interest:
    – he looks to be pigeon toed or knock-knees. Not the best for running fast.
    – he is not keeping his eyes on them the whole time. He is looking down in the shot. Why is this? If there was no one else around, why attempt to not be threatening? What was he waiting for?
    -is there any chance he was talking to someone else when he said “guys, downhill?” Either in his head or for real? Perhaps PTSD as a solider? Or cattle? Or real life accomplices?
    -he isn’t hiding. If he was planning this, don’t you think he would’ve done a better job of not being seen? He is walking behind them like a sketchy pickpocket not like someone ready to pounce…adrenaline wise. Hunters don’t stalk prey from the open.

    Sorry for the long post. Great job with this one!


  2. Has the phone been inspected for spyware? It was “glitching”, which can be an indicator. If the girls’ cell phone activity had been monitored, the offender would have known exactly where they would be. Previous backups of the phone might have record of any spyware, too.


  3. I think the signatures in the Delphi case are bite marks.

    I think Libby left her shoe behind on purpose as a clue to the direction they headed.

    I believe the rest of the video has not been released because the man saw he was being filmed (head down approach) and I’m certain he would not have approached the girls without stalking them first to be confident he could take them – he would have seen the phone at some point, and he took the phone and filmed the girls. He didn’t know NASA was going to get involved, to him he may have thought he’d be unidentifiable and he was right. You might ask why film his crime and I’d say why take on two girls and not wait for one. He took risks for kicks. It seems he also waited for there to be a point on the trail where the girls had limited options to run. He was smart and excited about the prospect of being in public, being caught. He was a chancer I believe he saw the girls being dropped off. There was never going to be a single young woman/girl walking alone on a trail like that, is there? So he took a chance with these girls. Perhaps he’d been stalking the area for a long while, months, waiting inconspicuously. I think he has a family with children a similar age at the time.


  4. This case really troubles me. A fee of thoughts I’ve had since following this case.
    1. If a sound test was done and screams could be heard I don’t believe a gun was the weapon.
    2. If the girls did run he had to be relative agile to catch them together especially without a gun.
    3. He may have worked with in the school system as a support staff. Ex. Custodian, crossing guard, para. Bus driver.
    4. I have to wonder with the two sketches if they determined the first one was not a valid lead maybe he just made the first girl nervous and they were able to prove this was not the suspect. I think if he made her that uncomfortable the young lady walking with her boyfriend would have paid more attention. As it was her boyfriend just remembers seeing the guy maybe the second guy didn’t seem out of place.
    5. Maybe there was a prior encounter on the trail which made the girls nervous and that is why the recorded him. Maybe that is why it was possibly more of a personal attack on one girl she might have rebuffed him or stood up to him. The statement “guys…down the hill” doesn’t sound authoritative to me as much as an exasperated, I asked you once now get down the hill.

    I pray for their families and hope this evil can be stopped.


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