3 thoughts on “41. The Delphi Murders Part 2

  1. Hey Guys!!!
    I absolutely love your show!
    Anyways, my question is, yes, it does look like his hands are in his pockets but, is that a sweatshirt that is burgundy at his waist? It looks so strange to me.
    Thank you for all you do!
    Love you guys!
    Sarah Boggs
    Raymond Washington


  2. When I slowed down the video of the man walking, it looks likes to me, that he is holding something under his jacket, where the burgundy colour is, with his right hand. Maybe a bag with his weapon, ropes or something to do with his signature. It just looks bulkier there and his hand seems to be in a diff position to his left which looks like it’s in his pocket.

    The other thought I had was when the prosecutor said there was evidence left at scene, and now they have said the 2nd sketch is the one to go off. I was wondering is it possible that he had some sort of disguise on and left part of it at scene of the crime,(such as his jacket, hat or wig?) so when he left the scene he looked more like the 2nd sketch and therefore people wouldn’t be looking for him but rather the creepy guy people saw in the beginning (the older looking one). Just my thoughts when I listened to podcast.


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