6 thoughts on “37. Hinterkaifeck Part 2

  1. hello from germany! 🙂
    to your question about lorenz‘ alibi i have found a transcript of his second police interview in which he states that he has been with his wife all night. a fact which even she will contradict, saying he was sleeping alone in hay on something funnily enough called „haywatch“. he was apparently pretty upset about that.
    in the same interview he also confirms his statement about seeing half dug holes in the ground, what let him to assume the killers might have tried to bury the bodies.
    hope that helps! love your show!


  2. Hi guys! Love your show! One of the reasons why I love it so much is because you laugh and talk with humor. Some of the other shows I have listened to in the past are too depressing and yours isn’t! So keep on keeping on! 🙂
    Anyways, I wanted to send you guys a note and say that it would be great if some time in the future you could talk about the serial killer Israel Keys and your thoughts on him possibly being the perpetrator in Maura Murray’s case. I have been following Maura’s case for the last year or so and from everything I have heard and researched, I believe Israel Keys may have been the one to take her.
    So I hope you could do an episode on him!
    Thank you!


  3. I think Lorenz committed the perfect murder(s). Not only for all the excellent ideas you guys brought up, but I have a few more compelling ideas.
    1) When Lorenz brought up the two men in the woods, I think we was directing the police to the 1920s version of “the scary black man did it” a la Susan Smith. In Europe back then, Travelers (or the unpolitically correct pejorative “Gypsies”) generally camped in the woods outside of towns and spoke their own dialects. Typically they would visit farms close to their encampment to ask for work. Non-Travelers feared what they did not understand and therefore blamed crimes and other problems on them.
    2) I have wondered before if the reason the killer ransacked Victoria’s things was because he was looking for a diary or some kind of writing that might give away his motive…in this case documentation that Lorenz was trying to swindle more cash out of Lorenz and Lorenz was not at all happy about it. Perhaps that was what all the hoopla in forest with Victoria was all about. Perhaps Lorenz feared it was upsetting enough to her she made note of it the fight in a journal or diary.
    3) Finally, after meticulous planning involving hiding in the attic and laying out a complex story to misdirect everyone, how could Lorenz possibly leave to chance that the family would come out to the barn one member at a time. If there was a noisy ruckus going on in the barn, I find it hard to believe, or at the least hard to rely on, only one family member at a time would investigate. It leaves too many unknowns.
    I think Lorenz took the cow or did something with the cow, brought her back to the barn himself and then called his victims to the out one at a time. The family new him so well that his calling out, “Hey, Vicky, it’s Lorenz! Come and hustle on out to the barn to help me with this darned cow…I found her outside eating my perfectly manicured lawn again!” And after Victoria came out he did her in and then, after inventing some other pretense, called the next family member for help.


  4. Listened to Hinter’/Asha/Dyatlov and this is the best pod of its kind I’ve yet encountered.

    Minor crit abt this one:

    1) I think you gave the newspaper short shrift. Someone went to great lengths to get that to doorstep. The n’papers were transported by train from Munich tp Kaifeck and then distributed by truck from there to Hinterkaifeck. If the paper was transported in the normal way it could not reach that doorstop when it did. Somebody got the paper as soon as it hit the stands in Munich and drove it up to the farm in quite a hurry. I don’t know what to make of this, but obviously it’s important.

    2) There was a revolution going on in Germany at that time, and it was centered in Bavaria. No discussion of this topic is complete without some mention of Andreas’ Rightist politics.

    ps Great job with Dyatlov


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