36. Hinterkaifeck Part 1 — Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

In this episode, we seek our horror across the sea. When six people were brutally murdered with an ax, the name of the place became a watchword for horror. What happened at Hinterkaifek? #truecrime #ax #murder #hinterkaifek


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The Man From the Train




2 thoughts on “36. Hinterkaifeck Part 1 — Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

  1. The explanation that Brett made about the most efficient way to murder someone with an axe was one of the most hilarious segments of a podcast I have ever heard. I literally laughed out loud in the car and the people around me probably thought I was insane. And yes I completely agreed with Alice’s take on the explanation. Love your dynamic, binged all your episodes and can’t wait for more!!

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  2. I feel like you see prospectors (well, at least in the movies as I’ve never seen a real life prospector) carrying and using mattocks to break and loosen rocks and hard dirt.


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