26. Michael Peterson (The Staircase) Part 4

We wrap up our investigation into the death of Kathleen Peterson. As we get to the bottom of the staircase, we answer all your questions: Did Michael do it? Was there reasonable doubt? And what about that owl?

4 thoughts on “26. Michael Peterson (The Staircase) Part 4

  1. I know I’m a couple weeks late in commenting on this, but I have to mention that one reason a lot of people give AGAINST the owl theory is that Kathleen had a “bloodied fracture with haemorrhage on the small extension off of the left thyroid cartilage.” Naysayers say an owl couldn’t do that, and also that that injury is more consistent with strangulation or an auto accident (hitting your neck on the steering wheel). And even barring (haha?) the owl theory, how could she gotten that injury from an accidental fall or whatever? So I am going to add a new spin, which is that pictures of the bloody staircase from above (and also some from the side) show a small portable lift or ELEVATOR for a disabled person right under the downward end of the bannister. It is folded against the wall. It has parts on it that could cause injury if you banged into that. How come NO ONE mentions that?!


  2. Thank you for saying the owl theory isn’t that crazy! Stranger deaths have occurred and I argue this all the time, the evidence does actually fit that theory.


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