27. Tonia Head — Tell Me Lies

On September 11, 2001, Tonia Head experienced the unimaginable in the towers of the World Trade Center. Or did she? We dive into the bizarre story of the woman who wasn’t there. 






The Woman Who Wasn’t There documentary


One thought on “27. Tonia Head — Tell Me Lies

  1. Love your podcasts. In one of your tangents in the Tonia Head podcast, you talked about the guy who lacked one credit of getting his law degree…hilarious story. Funny thing…I have a B.S. in Meteorology (from U of Oklahoma). I’m retired now, but *no one* ever asked to see my diploma. The diploma was just something fancy to hang on the wall, and another way for the University to extract more money, for printing the diploma. All my employers ever wanted to see was my college transcripts, *with* raised seal from the Registrar…which was also something they could call and verify. They knew anyone could buy a convincing looking diploma. After 9/11, all government hires also get an FBI background check. For a while there was a backlog. One guy in the National Weather Service was promoted on station to a management position, and he would literally move 25 ft in the office. It took 6 months for the background check to be completed. We often wondered what would happen if an existing employee failed a background check…would he then lose his current job? What if the guy had a practical joker for a neighbor, and the FBI called them up asking what can you tell me about Jim Smith, and the neighbor said “Boy, I don’t know, that guy is a strange duck. I see him out in his back yard at 2 am, flashing a laser pointer at the constellation Sagittarius, like he’s signalling the Mother Ship.” 🙂 I’m sure they have protocols for jokers like that, it’s just something funny to think about.


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