7 thoughts on “17. Brian Shaffer Part 2

  1. I’ve lived in Columbus since 1991, and Brian’s story continues to fascinate me. Loved listening to Brett and Alice discuss this case. Literally every single time the news teases a story about a body being found, my wife and I look at each other and say “maybe it’s Brian Schaeffer.”

    PS Loved your attempt at OH-IO during Episode 1


  2. Love your pod, guys. Brilliant perspective. One thing about this case that you didn’t mention, and that adds just a little context to his state of mind: I think I’m correct in remembering that the girls he spoke to outside the bar informed police that he had asked for their phone number (s)? If that is the case, we have a slightly different picture of guys state of mind at the time (drunk? not as completely ready for marriage/commitment as we tend to think?) It might not change anything about the case, but if that is what the girls reported to police (rather than just a speculation that he was flirting with them, of course) then it might be worth adding into the mix. Thanks for all your work on this superb podcast!


  3. Brian’s case haunts me…I think because I have a son who is a musician and just going off to college, and because I also love Pearl Jam so I felt a connection. As a girl my mother always told me to never ever leave a situation without my friends…I have pounded into my son’s brain that he needs to always let someone know if he’s leaving or what his intentions are, I feel like with men we seem to not worry as much about their safety. I was hoping for new info on Brian when I listened to this episode, because it is such a mystery; great coverage and I loved listening to your perspective…I think that there is just no way that there were cameras at every angle…the cell phone ping is puzzling…


  4. You guys did a great job with this! I’ve lived in Columbus for most of my life, and this case mystifies me… there are literally cameras everywhere on campus- it would be so hard to avoid detection. One thing I wanted to correct- the comment left on his dads obit was traced to a library in Franklin County- which you said was near OSU- but Franklin County is the county that Columbus and OSU is in. Another fact that is interesting- Clint has changed his name and moved away…


    1. My approach to everything is logic. At the beginning of your story and at the end, you emphasize the thoroughness of the police work and also the detective who prob. is still holding on, so I’m going with those two things…. they know every possibility surrounding Brian’s disappearance and eliminated all impossibilities.

      Owner, manager, staff absolutely knew every nook and cranny there, every exit and which places weren’t covered by cameras.

      LE knows how drunk or sober Brian was and if he ordinarily was a heavy drinker… people are who they are and usually don’t over drink unless it’s a special occasion or they are known to drink too much every chance they get. Or they are a one drink person.

      LE knows the reason Clint and Brian were disagreeing, arguing, altercating or whatever they were doing. Maybe I’ve always been wrong about this but I thought guys stuck together and looked away if another guy was hitting on another woman.. outside his own relationship. Suspicious is, if true, that they barely knew each other.

      I never buy into the notion that someone disappears to start a new life, just like I don’t buy into the runaway theory when teens disappear… both of these are ludicrus and should be the last not the first thoughts of investigators… no matter if this has been the case in past occurrences.

      Brian’s bones are somewhere and as the old saying goes, someone knows something more. I now want to read the police report or any other available documents on Brian’s case.

      My last thought is that Brian didn’t get that far in his life by being irresponsible and as I’ll guess, not just any old person is accepted into medical school. And as a doc to be, he knew the stages of grief.. I believe he would been able to overcome his emotions. It hurts for years, gradually easing up but there is never closure and your life must go on… my own experience. Brian had people, family, a very promising future as a doctor, a husband and maybe a father.

      Holes, walls, rivers…. will remain unknowns… until a body is discovered. There is no logic that explains Brian Shaffer’s disappearance or that of Maura Murray or of Brian Lawson.

      Btw, you guys rock! And Brian you crack me up.


  5. Brett, I owe you an apology…. referred to you as Brian…. and also Brandon Lawson…. I think that is called a one track mind. I know you knew what I meant… still. Sorry, I absolutely do know what your name is.

    And, again, you crack me up, Brett!


  6. One theory you didn’t cover, that has been heavy on my mind is the band did it. You guys skimmed over that so quickly, you never brought up that possibly:
    He did see the band, the did drugs, or pissed off a band member. He accidentally ODs, or a band member kills him.
    They shove him into one of their equipment boxes and shove him out of the bar undetected. And then they discard of the body wherever.
    Or, they helped him escape his life. But you two NEVER covered that that could have happened and it drove me NUTS the entire case.


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