One thought on “16. Brian Shaffer Part 1 — Closing Time

  1. First of all, I‘d like to remark, that you are doing an amazing work!
    Your research is always very thorough, which ofcourse doesn‘t come as a surprise, given your line of work but it also is a great lot of fun to listen to your podcasts!
    I was drawn in due to the informative nature of your podcasts and I keep on returning because of your great characters 🙂

    Anyhow, I’m around 18 to 19 minutes in the Brian Schaffer missing case and I’m wondering, if the reason why Brian was not seen by the cameras leaving, is either because he ‚left‘ in a garbage bag or through a garbage shoot or even within the cases the live-band had for their instruments.
    It might be too much of a reach or it may also come up later on on the Podcast but I was just wondering, if one of the above ever came under consideration. Apparently it must have.

    Thanks a lot and please keep up the remarkable work!


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