13. Maura Murray Listener Response Part 1

We got your comments, enjoyed your thoughts, and definitely heard your complaints. In this episode, we correct some mistakes, expand on some theories, and talk about everyone’s favorite police officer, Bruce McKay. 

2 thoughts on “13. Maura Murray Listener Response Part 1

  1. I live in Connecticut. I was pulled over in New Hampshire back in 2003. I got a ticket. I forgot to pay. I received a letter from New Hampshire stating my priveliges in New Hampshire we’re suspended until I pay the ticket. I was pulled over a few times in CT and this suspension of priveliges was only in N. H. I paid the ticket off finally in 2008. Just wanted to let you know there was no reciprocity between CT and NH back then anyway.. Thanks


  2. What’s the story with the bus driver? Here’s one theory: Maura is rummaging through the trunk of her crashed car as the bus driver stops at the scene of the accident. He asks if she needs help, Maura declines, he drives away. Maura reconciders and runs out on the road, chasing the bus, waving her hands signalling the bus to stop. The bus stops and let’s Maura in. This theory is supported by the police dogs following Maura’s scent trail, losing their trail approximately 100 yards from the accident scene.


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