22. Listener Q&A — Maura Murray, Brian Shaffer, Aunt Diane and more!

We answer your questions and read your emails. What’s the difference between direct and circumstantial evidence? What about that Brian Shaffer ping? And can Alice follow a Twitter conversation? All that and more. 


Heidgen Appeal

14. Maura Murray Listener Response Part 2

We follow up on the Missy Bevers case and answer all your burning questions about grand juries, slander, and FOIA in the Maura Murray case. And we ask ourselves, will the Maura Murray madness ever end?


The Best Argument Butch Atwood is Involved (we think he is innocent as the day is long)

Researching the Maura Murray Case

On our first episode about Maura Murray, we lamented the fact that there is so much disinformation and confusion out there that it is almost impossible to research her disappearance. But no more. Apparently some folks on Reddit felt the same way, and they put together this absolute treasure trove of information, including many first person accounts. So when we make mistakes, just blame it on the fact we didn’t have this resource. But now, you do.

The Trove

In addition, here are the official websites of the family and of James Renner.

The Family

James Renner