12. Missy Bevers — Take Me To Church

It’s been four years since Missy Bevers was murdered in a church in Texas. Surveillance cameras caught her killer, but to this day, we don’t know his name, his motive, or even if he is a he. Was Missy stalked and murdered, or was she in the wrong place at the wrong time?




Video from the Church:

Video from Tactical Store

Comparison Video between Randy and the Killer


3 thoughts on “12. Missy Bevers — Take Me To Church

  1. Personally, I do not think it is a woman. Was this maybe someone who had something against the church? Missy arrived 45 minutes early, they may have thought they had time to finish destroying the church.
    I am also not sold that this person was really injured, or they did have to be bigger than Missy was. She was about to teach a fitness class, so she is not going to be an easy target.


  2. The odd behavior and gate of walk reminds me very much of a guy that I went to high school with who has some mental issues. I doubt it’s him, but perhaps someone with similar issues. The guy I went to high school with had random violent outbursts especially when caught off guard. I imagine Missy showing up when Swat-man thought he/she was alone would catch him/her off guard and he/she probably hit her from behind (or Missy could have fought him off)


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