3 thoughts on “11. Maura Murray Ep. 4

  1. I think that she was manic depressive and, based on her actions, was in the middle of a manic episode – including the lack of sleep. It also explains why she was making so many bad decisions. She hit Vassi and was afraid the police were coming to her accident and she ran off into woods. Unfortunately I agree that her body will never be found.


  2. The proposing the Saturn medallion as the source of the colored flake is inspired. but…. in the picture of the car used as the cover for Episode 4, this medallion appears intact. is there a better pic to determine if there is a chip too small to see in the photo?


  3. Alice, I too believe she was driven away. A male offered her a ride, innocently, no Bundy type. Could have stopped by his home to warm up and drink her alcohol, made out in a drunken state then unintentionately killed. If she was picked up, she hadn’t walked far down the road maybe right where the dogs stopped.

    Brett, she could have been in a frenzied state, so much so that she couldn’t sit still long enough to stay in one place. She definitely could have hidden behind a tree until a car passed.

    Maybe her problems didn’t just start that week or the week before or month or year, possibly beginning gradually before she left military school. She liked to party. Students, both high school and college age come in contact with drugs while out partying, absolutely she did. Sleep deprivation would be a first sign. Honestly, the little we do know about her is not that of a ‘normal’ girl. She lied too easily to have just started lying that week. We also don’t know if stealing at the commissary was her first theft, perhaps she was just never caught. Victomolgy? What would John Douglas say? She placed herself in risky situations at every turn. This just doesn’t happen overnight. She was unrealiable and didn’t abide by ‘norms’ or laws, simply… they didn’t apply to her because of her personality.


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