8. Maura Murray Ep. 1 — She Ran So Far Away

We begin our investigation into one of the greatest mysteries in American history — what happened to Maura Murray?


James Renner’s Investigation

Not Without Peril Blog

2 thoughts on “8. Maura Murray Ep. 1 — She Ran So Far Away

  1. I’ve listened to a ton of podcasts about Maura Murray’s disappearance. Something about the way you two discussed her shoplifting at Fort Knox made me think of something I’d never thought of before: It almost seems like she stole $5 in makeup so that she could simply say “I stole from Fort Knox.” It doesn’t get anyone any closer to solving the mystery of Maura’s disappearance, but it was interesting nonetheless to finally (at least in my own mind) figure out why she would have done something so silly.


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