Legal Briefs 29. The Murders in Moscow, Idaho

We take a look at the horrific quadruple murder in Moscow, Idaho. What do we know (not much)? What are the police looking for? And when will we find out who committed this terrible crime?

One thought on “Legal Briefs 29. The Murders in Moscow, Idaho

  1. Stephen McDaniel murdered and dismembered his neighbor because she wouldn’t go out with him and they were both law students. I’ve read that one of the four bullied others, it was the personality but disturbed person doesn’t necessarily need a reason. They’re perception of an incident might be a trigger. On the same thought of aggressiveness of one of the four (they could all have this type of personality for all we know or not), one of the parents and for that matter this victims family members have been aggresive, very much so, over the top and it’s more than grief, this is how they roll. All of that said to say this, the victim in this family likely has this same demeanor, outlook, behavior, whatever you want to label it as the rest of that family, one of being pushy, making demands, etc. if they don’t get their way. Purely speculation going on what I’ve seen in the news as well as online but these sources are known for not representing facts as they are, bending them as well as spreading rumors without verifying them. Whatever drove this killer, their intent was to kill them. I read that using a knife shows more rage, the killer wants to personally harm them with his hands, not like a gun that is more impersonal. Even if it was someone in the victims wide circle, this killer was efficient doing this crime, they got it done (said one of the profilers). He knew how to use the knife and was comfortable slashing a human. Imo, I would think a victim being attacked with a combat knife is not going to survive given the rage and adrenalin empowering the killer. Even if it was a serial killer, they would also have this same rage and adrenalin. One thing is certain, this is a monster, very dangerous person. Thank you guys for covering this. Brett, you’re right about this being a historical TC genre story that has frenzied It’s fans, at this point they’re literally nuts and because it was so gruesome and without absolute facts, rumors form (just like the game of telephone) from one comment to the next and they’re not caring who they accuse, even listing names of likely innocent people.


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