140. The Trial of Casey Anthony Part 3

We begin to dig into the events that led to Caylee’s death–and Casey’s acquittal.


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5 thoughts on “140. The Trial of Casey Anthony Part 3

  1. While I agree that as a parent it would be difficult to testify against my child, as a GRANDPARENT I would have zero reservations about testifying against my child in this example. Those “grandparents” are as big as psychopath as the evil they spawned.

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  2. I thought that “Zanie” the babysitter really referred to Xanax. Then Casey turned it from talking “secretly” about Xanax to talking about Zanie, the babysitter.


  3. You guys have a kindred spirit in me when it comes to Casey Anthony’s lies. I’ve always been completely gobsmacked by her fantastic stories and her complete inability to care about being caught. She should be studied. Radio Lab’s episode “Into the Brain of a Liar” touches on this topic. When I first listened all I could think was: Casey Anthony Casey Anthony Casey Anthony….! The episode is about a study showing that compulsive liars tend to have higher ratios of white brain matter to gray (similar to those infamous liars toddlers) than “regular” folk. Check it out!


  4. They argued first degree they never gave them any evidence for lesser charger. They basically said she was pre meditated murder. They never argued the pool, nothing but duct taped thrown in the trunk. I mean ere was some mention of the ladder but could not say who did that. If she had just said that is what happened but then the internet searches on suffocation. Actually, I think she may be a liar on the level of Trump.


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