139. The Trial of Casey Anthony Part 2

We continue our look at the trial of Casey Anthony.


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One thought on “139. The Trial of Casey Anthony Part 2

  1. I’m on #2 and I had to stop listening and jump on here after y’all are flogging the Orange County prosecutors (basically also of tainting the jury pool) for releasing “what was about to be presented to them at trial [jurors].”
    I mostly enjoy your podcasts, however it often gets interrupted over a similar seemingly innocuous non “fact”. Easily avoided by actual fact checking.
    In the State of Florida due to The sunshine laws re public interest/domain, the second the State handed over its discovery it is REQUIRED (upon request) to release same to the media. As one example, the discovery released led to new charges- Casey was wearing the sunglasses she got from Target that she forged a check to pay for- into Jose Baez office.


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