125. Brandon Lawson, JonBenet Ramsey, and More

We follow up on the Brandon Lawson case, answer some questions about JonBenet, and tell you how the show is doing.


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2 thoughts on “125. Brandon Lawson, JonBenet Ramsey, and More

  1. Such a tough case. According to the autopsy report, JonBenet was strangled AND had her skull crushed at the same time. That blows most of the theories out of the water right there. There was also zero evidence JonBenet wet the bed that night– her bed sheets had fibers from the clothes she wore that night, so they had not been laundered. No bed wetting, no reason for Patsy to be angry. What does that leave? SEE you at CrimeCon Las Vegas!


  2. New listener and Patreon member. Thank you both so much for the in-depth analysis of the JBR case. Based on your analysis my thoughts about this case changed. The key was the 6 specialists who analyzed the ransom note and all agreed it was not likely Patsy. So sad that she passed away never having resolution.


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