105. Laura Dickinson — School’s Out

When Eastern Michigan University student Laura Dickinson was found dead in her dorm room from natural causes, her friends and family were shocked. But when they found out the truth, shock turned to rage.



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One thought on “105. Laura Dickinson — School’s Out

  1. As a mental health professional, I just wanted to encourage using current language regarding mental health treatment. I understand that facilities were previously referred to as “insane asylums” however Brett’s dismissive comment during his axe murderer story “mental health hospital whatever you want to call it” could be perceived as insensitive and judgmental. It came off as if it doesn’t really matter what words are used. As attorneys, I suspect you agree that choice of words has significant impact. This is probably why attorneys work tirelessly to perfect their opening and closing arguments to perfection.

    In light of the stigma around mental health symptoms and seeking treatment, I would like to encourage more thoughtfulness. I’m sure this was simply a spontaneous story to highlight the issue of damage control, PR and responsibility in informing public regarding safety issues. I do not think there was ill intent! I’m also sure you did not mean to imply that mental health facilities are full of rapists, murderers and people who massacre their families. There are facilities dedicated to treatment of people who have committed crimes, including murder, however the vast majority are non violent people who typically hurt themselves rather than others or simply need increased structure and stabilization through medication intervention or other intensive modalities.

    Thankfully, there is much more recent awareness around the importance of prioritizing mental health, the effects of the pandemic and the toll it has taken on us. Depression and anxiety amount children, adolescents and adults is far too hight. There are many courageous people in the spotlight who are being vulnerable about their human experience (professional athletes, celebrities, etc) regarding mental health. I encourage anyone with a platform to be mindful of this.

    Thank you for your work and willingness to speak for those who cannot and be truth seekers!


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