93. Carina Petrache — Crazy

Carina Petrache had the world ahead of her when a jealous boyfriend brutally ended her life. But was he criminally insane when he did it?



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One thought on “93. Carina Petrache — Crazy

  1. Hi, love the show 🙂 Just wanted to comment on two things: personality disorders are quite controversial in terms of being or not being mental disorders. What complicates matters is that sometimes people have dual diagnoses. (To me the murderer in this case sounds like a classic case of PD, however it’s bad practice to act like you can diagnose without meeting the person, so that’s just my opinion). I’m sure you can see the semantic difference even in the name. So in that sense, yes, someone with PD definitely knows right from wrong. They have just developed (for whatever reason in their past) faulty defense mechanisms within their personality that make them act basically anti-social, especially in a stressful situation. That is to say, they overreact compared to the general public because they feel they are wronged in some way or under attack when that is obviously (to others) not the case, simply because they aren’t getting their way. So it gets tricky, because it can “look” like they are insane, even though they are just being assholes, to put it bluntly. There are a lot of PD categories out there, and in the UK at this point they are generally worked on by Psychologists. Some PDs respond better to psychological work than others and some people are more likely to gain insight into their issues than others.

    The other thing is you pronounced Carina’s last name wrong. It should be Pe-tra-keh, the last “e” is not silent, unless she chose to make English speakers’ lives easier 😉

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

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