87. Darlie Routier Part 2

We continue our discussion of the Darlie Routier case. What does the crime scene tell us about what happened that night? How bad were Darlie’s wounds, and does the sock in the alley prove she is innocent?

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One thought on “87. Darlie Routier Part 2

  1. Regarding your comments on the motion detection light in the backyard… I may be incorrect but the intruder set it off coming into the house, maybe they were only in the house for a total of 8 to 10 minutes and then when they exit the house the light is still on… as it is set to turn off after 18 minutes. so by the time darlie screams.. calls 911 and the time it takes for police to arrive at the scene the light would have turned back off. Once the light is activated any motion during that time doesn’t reset the 18 minute time. So you can’t say that once somebody left the yard that light should’ve been on for another 18 minutes.


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