63. Dyatlov Pass Part 3

We continue our investigation into the Dyatlov Pass mystery and ask just what was in the sky the night the group died?

#truecrime #mystery

Zolotaryov’s Camera

Column Footprints

The “slope”

Lights in the Sky


7 thoughts on “63. Dyatlov Pass Part 3

    1. That’s a theory about what it might be if you don’t believe it’s lights in the sky. There’s no real reason to believe that’s what it is.

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      1. I have no idea, honestly. I heard about this mystery a couple years ago and it still blows my mind. I don’t even have a theory that makes sense to me since it happened so long ago. What I don’t believe is the avalanche theory.

        Thanks for replying!


  1. My first thought was maybe the ‘heater’ being used in the tent malfunctioned and they cut the tent to get out the quickest way possible. The one guy with the boots on and full clothed has me wondering if he was the threat! The Soviet Union was so concerned about them it also makes me wonder if there was some conspiracy to eliminate this group. Did they discover something accidently?


  2. The footprints in the snow leading away from the tent made me wonder if they were being herded by someone NOT on foot. Would there be tracks remaining from someone using skis or snowshoes?


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