62. Dyatlov Pass Part 2

We continue our investigation into the Dyatlov Pass mystery with some of the unusual and inexplicable facts about that case. #truecrime #mystery

Images courtesy of Hannah Hill (@serious_moonlight) and http://www.dyatlov-pass.com:


4 thoughts on “62. Dyatlov Pass Part 2

  1. Would the group have been skiing as they ascended the mountain? Do people ski up hill?
    I wonder could this be why they could mark the store with skis??
    What are your thoughts?

    Jo St


  2. I just finished listening to this. I was thinking baptism the clothing issues. They all had to have left with clothes on. They walked an hour in -30 weather. No way the ones without clothing could have made it that long without going crazy from hypothermia. They could not have made an orderly March to the ceders in that condition.


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