58. The Disappearance of Asha Degree Part 1 — Shelter From the Storm

On a cold and stormy night in February 2000, a young girl left her home behind with nothing but a backpack. She was never seen again. What happened to Asha Degree? #truecrime #disappeared #missing



Jet Magazine Article

Charley Project Entry

Reddit Timeline Part 1 (courtesy of JTigerTail)

Reddit Timeline Part 2 (courtesy of JTigerTail)

Interactive map, created by JTigerTail

Shelby Star Article on possible leads

Riddle Me That Podcast

Cold Case Murder Mysteries Podcast


6 thoughts on “58. The Disappearance of Asha Degree Part 1 — Shelter From the Storm

    1. I listened to this episode a few days ago and I had a theory about the other girl’s picture found with Asha’s things. I was surprised neither of you mentioned it as a theory. By the way, I’ve never heard of this case prior to this reporting of it and for some reason this one really got at me. I can’t stop thinking about that sweet little girl and her family. Anyways, my theory was that maybe that little girl was also kidnapped by the same captor that kidnapped Asha. I don’t know all the details of course, maybe he took their school photos as trophies or something. I don’t know. I would assume that the unknown girl’s photo was hopefully run through missing children’s databases. However, maybe something was missed? I don’t know I just for some reason had that gut feeling when I heard about the photo. I’ve heard of cases where abductors abduct multiple children and even use the previously abducted children to lure the next child. Maybe something like that? It is just so weird that she has never been identified. Since it sounds like this case didn’t get as much publicity as some, I’d never heard of it, maybe the girl was from a totally different area and never saw the press release about the photo. This case truly haunts me and I want to have it solved for her poor family‘s sake. One of the reasons it hit home so hard is Asha and I would be about the same age. It’s so scary to think of me being the same age at the same time. Kids are supposed to feel happy, safe and loved at that age. Let’s solve this case for Asha! #justiceforAsha


  1. Of all the missing people cases that I’ve heard about/listened to on a podcast, I feel that this case has the most hope that Asha is alive. I believe that Asha was convinced, probably by a woman, to come be her little girl. When looking at the picture of the young girl, this looks like an old picture, like from the 70’s or 80’s. I think I had a dress like this when I was in first grade in 1977. I believe this little girl may have died, her mother wants a child. Asha’s family belonged to a church, I wonder how large the congregation was, could Asha have been befriended by a woman who works on her emotions to fill the missing hole in her heart? Or could someone from her school have connected with her?

    Asha is raised by this woman, comes to love her. As she gets older she probably realizes that if she were to speak up, her “mom” would be arrested. I am hoping that once this person dies, Asha will come forward. Today she would be 31 years old.


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