8 thoughts on “57. Scott Peterson Part 6

  1. I found your in-depth analysis of the Scott Peterson case so compelling that I decided to listen to your final thoughts re:: the Delphi case. I got as far as Alice’s giggling recounting of her slaughtering – albeit inept (isn’t that amusing) – of a chicken and realized that your insightful Peterson analysis was nothing more than a fluke. So disappointing –


  2. There’s so much evidence to support Scott’s conviction. I don’t understand why his sister in law is so stead fast on his innocence. Why is she so out spoken and not his siblings??

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    1. Because family. Even if you are clearly 100% the guiltiest person in the world, your mom, dad, brother, or sister will stand by you 100%


  3. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    I absolutely am addicted to your podcast, I’m love everything about it, from the music to Brett’s soothing accent and Alice’s laugh. Seeing through both your eyes allows for critical thinking and the ability to change your views.
    Thanks for sharing your talents with me
    Wondering if you can look in to the Darlie Routier case…I have tons of reasonable doubt.
    Michelle Embry

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  4. I used to go fishing with my ex and something struck me as strange on his story. It’s said that Scott travelled over 1 1/2 hours each way to fish for just over an hour. It’s actually much shorter. Once he arrives and purchases his ticket to launch, he has to launch his boat. Back the trailer down the ramp, get out of his vehicle, get into the boat, back off trailer, secure boat, get back in vehicle and park it and walk back to boat. Then there is the time it takes to drive the boat to the fishing spot. On the way home, it’s the same: time it takes to drive boat back and the time it takes to get the boat out of the water. When you add all of that time, his actual time he would have had to fish is maybe a 1/2 hour. No one would do all of that: spend over 3 hours driving, another 30 min+ getting in and out of the water and driving to fish for 30 min. But if you want to dump a body, the timing makes sense.


  5. Personally, I do not think he did it. Is he a piece of garbage husband? Yes. Is he an incredibly unlucky guy? I think that or some bad karma was catching up with him. I think it is more likely related to the burglary across the street. There are reporters who 100% believe that Peterson did it, and even they admit that there is not way the burglary was committed on the 26th, as stated in the police report. The Peterson’s street was crawling with reporters by that time, and the homeowners even admitted that they were home the 26th. To me, I think the “the husband did it” is too easy of an out. Is it the case most of the time? Sure, but that does not mean that you zone in on the husband and not actually investigate. To me, I think the justice system is supposed to be fair, and in this case, the guy absolutely did not – at the very least in my opinion – get a fair trial. There was really no physical evidence. One could argue the bodies being found in the Bay where Peterson was fishing, but the media – right away – advertised where Peterson claimed to be fishing. It would be stupid for anyone who did take her, and either had her or had already killed her, not to go and dump her where the husband was that day.

    Full disclosure: Amber Frye is a totally moot point to me. Cheating on your wife does not make you a murderer, otherwise prisons would be much more over crowded. She was not with Scott on the 24th, and she was not with Laci or in contact with either of them on the 24th. Invalid.


      1. And that is perfectly fine that you think that, lol. You have more background in the law than I do. I just don’t see it, and personally think that innocent until *proven* guilty is supposed to be sacred, and to me they did not prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he killed them.


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