50. Maura Murray Update — Bill Rausch’s Alibi

Was Bill Rausch in Oklahoma on February 9, 2004? Did he seek and receive leave so he could go search for Maura Murray? We spoke to the man who knew the answers–his commander at Fort Sill. Here’s what we learned. #mauramurray #truecrime

2 thoughts on “50. Maura Murray Update — Bill Rausch’s Alibi

  1. Hello can I please ask what word you’re saying in episode 4 of the maura Murray case, when you’re telling your conspiracy part to Alice to conclude the show. You say something like “I’m convinced she hit the treepvasy’ or something along them lines, I’m from England so words sound so different! It’s bugging me because I’m really interested in your conspiracy theory but can’t wrap my head around what you’re on about! Please elaborate, I would be so appreciative!!


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