49. The Murders of Mary Morris Part 3

We conclude our investigation into the murders of Mary Morris. Did the Houston Chronicle receive a call saying “they got the wrong Mary Morris?” What does Duane Young have to say? What about Mary’s best friend, Laurie? And could it have been a hitman after all?
#truecrime #marymorris 


2 thoughts on “49. The Murders of Mary Morris Part 3

  1. I don’t think whoever shot Mary #2 meant to. I think she pulled the gun and they were wrestling over it and it went off hitting her. I also wonder if she could have been involved in prescription fraud since there seems to be evidence she was doing things she shouldn’t have been at work.


  2. Regarding the hit man theory….

    People are bad at numbers. And terrible at probabilities. Our intuition which works so well in nature fails us terribly with risk analysis.

    Look up the “birthday paradox” and then tell me this isn’t a coincidence.

    Sometimes the improbable just happens.


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