40. The Delphi Murders Part 1 — Find Him

We need your help to find the killer of Abigail Williams and Liberty German. Who is the Delphi Murderer?

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Map created by Reddit user Justwonderinif




3 thoughts on “40. The Delphi Murders Part 1 — Find Him

  1. The movie “The Shack” came out in 2017. Based on the description in Wikipedia, one of the central plot lines involves a child being murdered and then put in a box, and something involving leaves and a Native American character. I wonder if the signatures the former Carroll County prosecutor spoke about involved the book or movie? Was the police chief trying to provoke the killer referencing the movie? If so, maybe he was trying to appeal to the killer’s Christian conservative identity or bizarre idea of redemption?


  2. Agree Doug Carter is deeply affected by the horror of the murder scene. The unshared audio video is protecting not only the girls but their family too, from whatever it is.

    I’m in a FB group that is likewise protective, more so of family, and uproars to a fault, if someone takes a comment the wrong way, Doug Carter isn’t the only one taking this tragedy personally. Maybe when he retires??, things there will change.


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