138. The Trial of Casey Anthony Part 1 of 6 — White Lies, Blue Eyes

She was dubbed the most hated mother in America. But did Casey Anthony get away with murder?



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3 thoughts on “138. The Trial of Casey Anthony Part 1 of 6 — White Lies, Blue Eyes

  1. Casey did’t love her daughter, if she did there wouldnt be a discussion and her behavior would have been different than it was when she told her parents that Cayley was missing. The parents, moreso George was hit not only with an odor but the monumental shock of it all, which I don’t agree was denial. In this type of situation your mind blocks out everything else while you process what 2+2 equals.You can’t breathe or you lose your breath in George’s case due to the shock of the odor.


  2. My comment continues. The fact that George did not notify the police points to coverup. He’s done it before because he’s a cop and a this is a family matter – don’t squeal on your cohorts or your family. I don’t think either parent was ever in denial. That drive home by George must have been a tortuous one, not only the smell but the realization that something sinister is going on. He’s a cop. I think he kept his thoughts to himself but he knew. Who called the cops? The Mom. I buried a squirrel once and the smell permeated the back yard for a week, no denying the smell of death.


  3. Brett and Alice. I just wanted to point out, on behalf of listeners in other countries, this case may not be as well publicised as you think. I am an Australian listener (love your show btw). I did notice that Brett has made a few references to the fact that listeners probably are already aware of much of information in this case. In fact, I follow the news very carefully and listen heaps of True Crime podcasts from the U.S, Britain and Australia. I have never heard of this case. It possibly didn’t get much traction in the Australian media for whatever reason. So what I am trying to say is, please don’t leave anything out and assume listeners already have the background information and understand the personalities at play through mainstream media exposure.


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